treat yourself with the simple chic.

Starting in 2015 with a traditional small company in northeastern Greece, having dressed until today the most sophisticated customers creating loyalty and a reputation of trust and quality. Inspired by the lines of art and the smooth touch of nature, Emmanuellesilk designs and produces unique pieces for women who want to discreetly make an elegant difference. Without giving up to the game of cheapest competition continuously uncompromising in highest standards in quality, investing in technology and putting the customer first, achieving to have a name equal to stability, evolution and loyalty. Emmanuellesilk continues its journey in the world, focusing on its single aim, to endow an identity to people who wear their products.

Emmanouela Koyroydi, OWNER

The idea of a Greek fashion brand that manufactures exclusively silk accessories was born in the summer of 2015. My love for fashion in combination with my family’s experience in this business field, brought my vision to life and Emmanuellesilk was created to produce silk accessories that add a hint of contemporary sophistication to any outfit.

Follow us to a world where beauty and functionality live in perfect harmony.